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No Longer Guildless of Thunderhorn / Wildhammer

No Longer Guildless is a lvl 25 guild that recently started raiding. We are looking for new individuals who are mature and experienced to join our ranks.
Applications can be made via the forum. Please register with your main character's name to avoid confusion.

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Heroic Malkorok - 13/08/2014
08/14/2014 12:57 by Arrowshade

This night we had a slight delay on the raid but it didn't matter at all.

We eventually killed him after getting the tactics right!

Good job to everyone who was involved!

Heroic Dark Shamans - 27/07/2014
07/31/2014 09:37 by Arrowshade

Because of the holidays we are not progressing very well.

Nonetheless, we killed him after getting our group together.

Hopefully we will manage to kill the other bosses before WoD releases!

Heroic Iron Juggernaut - 15/06/2014
06/16/2014 10:16 by Arrowshade

We've spend a lot of time to kill this bastard!

Hopefully we will kill the others much faster!

Keep it up guys/girls!

Heroic General Nazgrim - 26/05/2014
05/26/2014 08:08 by Arrowshade

Another two heroic encounters down this week!

The mighty general was no match for us this time!

Malkorok should be down next week with hopefully other heroics too!

Heroic Sha of Pride - 22/05/2014
05/22/2014 08:11 by Arrowshade

After having a not so great wednesday before

We are back on track!

The fight wasn't super clean but we managed somehow

Sempo was so excited he started counting down for us!

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